There are 4 different programs offered that can be modified for any audience:

Every Smoker, Every Time (In person training)


This is a one hour training program for physicians, dentists, nurses and allied health professionals on how to

do a brief clinical intervention with their patients who use tobacco and help them quit. The philosophy of

Every Smoker, Every Time is that every interaction with a tobacco user is an opportunity to discuss

cessation. This approach can be used by ALL healthcare providers. This presentation will offer health care

professionals the information, skills and strategies necessary for effective cessation intervention whatever their specialty.

Every Smoker, Every Time Webinar


If you are unable to attend the Every Smoker, Every Time training in person, it is available through a

Webinar. Attend at no cost from your computer at a time convenient for you.

Click HERE for link to Every Smoker, Every Time Webinar.

Keep Us Healthy.


This is a one hour educational program for Teachers, Childcare Providers, Home Visitors, Outreach

Workers, Parents and anyone who works with children. It is designed to teach participants about the harmful

effects of Second and Third Hand Smoke; how to motivate parents to protect their children; the importance

of tobacco free environments and a basic understanding of tobacco addiction and where to go for support to quit.


Tobacco Dependence Treatment Training

This is a five to six hour training that will provide participants with a basic understanding of Tobacco

Dependence as well as the essential science-based treatment tools necessary to help others achieve freedom

from tobacco use. The presentation will use text, slides, discussion, role playing and case studies to cover

the areas of: Clinical Practice Guidelines; Tobacco Products; Understanding Addiction; Intake and

Assessment; Counseling Skills and Key Strategies in Treatment; Pharmacotherapy; and Treatment Planning.

This training can be provided to on site staff in any health care setting, business, workplace environment or

College Campus who would like learn the skills necessary to provide cessation services.

To make arrangements for any of these trainings you can contact Debra Youngfelt directly at 610-379-2001 or