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We are proud to assist in the development of the health professions workforce in our region through education, training and public awareness.

Shelba Scheffner MPH,CHES

Executive Director ECPAAHEC











A crucial part of our mission involves linking medical students with Medical Preceptors in the community. Our goal is to help facilitate the process that allows the students to become familiar with the issues encountered in rural or underserved communities. The student can also begin to establish relationships that will prove beneficial should he or she decide to practice in a rural or underserved area.

The Eastcentral PA AHEC places students with physicians in rural and/or underserved community medicine clerkships in the following counties: Berks, Carbon, Lehigh, Northampton, and Schuylkill.  Names, locations and information pertaining to our preceptors and sites may be found below  Some information may be subject to change.  These are AHEC sites and placement will be coordinated through the ECPA AHEC office.  Please do not contact the site directly.

Students who have chosen the Eastcentral PA AHEC in any of the five counties are asked to contact Eastcentral PA AHEC at eschaffer@ecpaahec.org.  A Student Profile must be completed and returned to Eastcentral PA AHEC. (click to download Student Profile)

If you are interested in a clerkship with a Board Certified Physician who is not on our list, we will work with the Physician to become an affiliate.

Eastcentral PA AHEC’s role in arranging these rotations is to present 4th year medical students with learning opportunities at doctors’ practices in mainly outpatient Primary Care settings in primarily rural and federally-designated medically underserved areas/populations (MUA/P’s) and health professional shortage areas (HPSA’s) in our five county region.

While this is the goal, students may at times be placed in somewhat more suburban sites due to factors such as preceptor availability or availability of sites which meet necessary ‘underserved’ criteria.

When openings are available with preceptors at a Rural Health Center, MUA/P, or HPSA during any given rotation block, these will be assigned until all are filled.

To facilitate the process:

  • You are required to submit a completed STUDENT PROFILE and a CR-1 (pre-rotation form) to the Eastcentral PA AHEC office after your official assignment to the EC AHEC is known.  This can be done through e-mail, by fax or mail.  Forms can be sent to you electronically upon request. (click to download Student Profile or CR1)
  • DO NOT contact preceptors’ offices on  your own
  • Please make initial contact to EC AHEC via e-mail to eschaffer@ecpaahec.org.


Housing: Housing will be provided for select sites through Eastcentral PA AHEC on an individual basis.  A refundable housing deposit of a check for $25 is required.

Meals:  Meals are the responsibility of the student

All Eastcentral PA AHEC placements require the student to have his/her own transportation due to the distance between housing and practice.

Eastcentral PA AHEC may assign various community/public health single day rotations in the county which may include a weekend day.  This will afford the student the opportunity to familiarize him/herself with the diverse population of the county.

Berks County:

Eastcentral PA AHEC is affiliated with several preceptors in Berks County. Those students assigned to a Reading Hospital and Medical Center affiliated preceptor will receive housing at the Hospital as available.  These students are asked to complete the form on the Reading Hospital website:  http://www.readinghospital.org/medicalEducation/Medstudent


Carbon County:

Eastcentral PA AHEC works closely with several preceptors in rural Carbon County. 

Housing is available in Palmerton.  Specific housing information and how to obtain a key will be given when Preceptor Assignment information is sent. 


Lehigh County:

Eastcentral PA AHEC is affiliated with several preceptors practicing in underserved areas of Lehigh County.  Housing is located in Palmerton, PA (Carbon County) as available which is an approximate 35 minute drive to the sites in Lehigh County


Northampton County:

Northampton County contains several rural and underserved areas.  No housing is available in Northampton County at this time, however students may stay in the house in Palmerton which is a 45 minute drive to the sites.  Students can also be placed with a Northampton County preceptor if they are able to secure their own housing.


Schuylkill County:

Sites are available in rural and underserved areas in Schuylkill County.  No housing is available in Schuylkill County at this time.  Students can be placed with a Schuylkill County preceptor if they are able to secure their own housing.


Few, if any, specialists are available presently, as this rotation is usually Primary Care-oriented.


Keep in mind that many health systems and independent medical groups have requirements you must complete in order to do a rotation and/or be housed at a particular site.  These include, but are not limited to, fingerprinting, criminal background checks (some requiring completion of this within the year), health /immunization histories, HIPAA course completion, and the like.  You will be made aware of the need to have these completed at the time an assignment is made.  Failure to complete any of these will jeopardize being able to complete the rotation.                               

 Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at any time.                                                                                                                                                 Thank you






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